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NH Boating License

New Hampshire House Bill #1463 requires a boating license for anyone operating a motorized boat of any type with horsepower greater than 25 HP.  In the past there has been an age exemption but in 2008 that has gone away, the license applies to all operators.   The license is a one time license good for life.  Licenses are handled by the NH Division of Safety Services.  Information on the license, schedules for taking the test and contact information can be obtained at:
You can register for the exam by calling 1-888-254-2125.  There is a $10 fee to take the test and a subsequent charge of $5 to get your permanent license.  A temporary 45 day license will be issued when you pass the test.

To prepare for the test there is a boater education course offered by Boat New Hampshire.  Boat NH can be reached at:
This test is recommended but optional to obtain a license.  You can obtain a license valid in NH only by passing the state exam using what is termed a “test-out option” but if you take the course and pass a course test to get a completion certificate, the license is valid outside of the state of NH.  The course is available in classrooms around the state, in an on-line version, or in a video version, all can be accessed at the above internet site.  You can register for a class by calling 1-888-254-2125.