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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1971

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Meeting House, Jaffrey, N.H.
August 7, 1971
The annual meeting of The Thorndike Pond Association was convened at 10:15 A.M. at the Meeting House in Jaffrey Center with Dr. Herbert Schofield, President, presiding. Approximately forty interested people and members were in attendance.
Reading of the minutes of the previous annual meeting was waived.
The Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Thomas Raleigh, reviewed the financial results for the year ended July 31, 1971 and commented upon the financial position of the Association. The statement of receipts and disbursements for the year then ended, attached to these minutes, was made available to the members and there was an open discussion of the current financial position of the Association.
The membership voted that the annual dues for the year 1971-1972 would be $20 per member.
A question was raised as to when the Association might pay the $1,200 balance of the note and Mr. Raleigh indicated that the directors were hopeful that it could be paid in full during the current fiscal year.
Mr. Ken Russell reported for the Water Committee on the status of the motor boat restrictions and a water count taken by representatives of the State of New Hampshire.  He indicated that the Committee had discussed with residents of the Town of Jaffrey their concern that the proposed restrictions would seriously restrict use of the Pond for motor boating by the Jaffrey residents. He indicated that there would be further meetings with Jaffrey residents before a hearing on the restrictions would be requested and that such a hearing would not be held before September and would probably be delayed until next year.
With respect to the water count which was taken on July 14, 1971, Mr. Russell indicated that the report indicated that the Pond was safe for swimming.
Mr. Frank Bosworth reported on the status of the land use restrictions and said that the owners of slightly over 80% of the shore front properties had signed or were committed to sign the restrictions. To date no owner has refused to sign, but certain owners have not yet been contacted in person. He dis­cussed the nature of conditions which some owners had requested before signing and other considerations which owners of larger shore frontages were still giving thought to before signing. Camp Wanocksett has agreed to sign as soon as the owners of 75% of the shore frontage have signed. Camp Monadnock has finalized the conditions they wish before signing and Camp Wa-Klo was con­sidering the conditions which they needed before signing. Mr. Bosworth said that he was hopeful that all of these matters could be cleared up by next spring. He further indicated that should the owners of any of the three camps not sign, it was his intention that the members would be informed of this before the Declaration of Restrictions is finalized.
A lengthy discussion of the plan for lowering the Pond this fall was held and the membership voted that the water level of the Pond not to be lowered prior to October 15 and then no more than 24" at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
The President indicated that the directors have recom­mended that the Association join the New Hampshire Lakes and Streams Association (estimated annual dues of $50) and the membership approved this recommendation.
The membership elected the following officers and directors:
  • President: Francis W. Ryan
  • Vice President: Frank M. Bosworth
  • Secretary-Treasurer -Thomas L. Raleigh, Jr.
  • Directors for two years ending in 1973:
    • Roland G. Becker
    • Homans S. Foster
The other two directors, Percival F. Brundage and Frederick T. Ernst were elected in 1970 for two-year terms ending in 1972.
Mr. Ryan then took over as chairman of the meeting and expressed the Association's very great thanks to Dr. Schofield for his contributions as President during the past two years.
President Ryan asked for other suggestions or comments from the members and the following matters were mentioned:
Miss Kloberg of Camp Wa-Klo mentioned that a metal boat had washed up on her property and that she would gladly return it if the owner would contact her.
A request was made that the Association ask that a no-parking sign 50" west of the boat launching area be installed in view of the hazard which results from parking in this area.
It was also requested that the appropriate Jaffrey officials be contacted again to request that permanent street signs be installed around the Pond.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:30 A.M.
Respectfully submitted, Thomas Raleigh Secretary/Treasurer