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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1965

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Wesselhoeft Farm, Jaffrey, N.H.
August 7, 1965
Present at the meeting were Mr. & Mrs. Kruse, Thomas Page: Mr. & Mrs. Grant, Mr. & Mrs. Ginsburg: Mr. & Mrs. Russell: Mrs. Edward Crabtree: Ethel Kloberg: Mr. & Mrs. William Schofield: K. W. Blaine: Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Schofield: Katherine a. Foster: Mrs. Clarence Hillsmith: Dr. J. S. Mansfield: Prof. & Mrs. F. A. Magoun: Mr. & Mrs. Roger smith: Mr. & Mrs. F.3. Von Stade Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Clarence derby: Mr. & Mrs. T. P. Whittemore: Carol Fellows: Miss Jensen:  Homans S. Foster: H. E. Bixler: Fred Rust and George Traquair.
President Von Stade called the meeting to order. 
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved without reading. 
Mr. Ernst gave the treasurer's report as follows:
Balance at beginning of year                       $905.62
Income from dues, dam fund interest      $1,177.70
Operating expenses for the year                   $8l4.22
Balance now on hand                                $1,269.10
He reported all outstanding bills paid, all 65 dues paid but one, and all dam assessments paid but one.
President Von Stade reported that he had filed for tax abatements in Dublin on the dam and in Jaffrey on the flowerage rights.
Herb Grant stated that water samplings had been requested and also that the watershed all around the pond had been inspected and found to be ok.
Ted Ernst reported that he had tried to mark the most dangerous rocks with paint.
Mr. Blaine reported that his investigation of our insurance coverage proved to be adequate.
Herb Grant expressed his strong belief that we should concern ourselves 'with the future of our pond and area to make certain that it does not deteriorate like some areas nearby. He called upon members to make their feelings known about zoning and restrictions to the respected citizens of Jaffrey.
President Von Stade reported that Ted Ernst felt a shoring up of the south wall of the dam was necessary. He had obtained two bids one for $710 and the other $1800-2500. The directors voted previously to seek professional engineering advice and have written to the state requesting it. After considerable discussion it was voted to allow the directors to act on repairing the dam if it proved necessary.
Considerable discussion took place on whether the pond should be lowered this fall as usual due to the serious drought conditions. The directors had previously recommended the pond not be lowered. It was voted to allow the directors to make the final decision this fall.
Upon the recommendation of the directors it was voted to "keep the annual dues at $10.00. It was pointed out however that should repairs to the dam be necessary an additional assessment might be made.
The report of the nominating committee was given by Thomas Paige chairman and the following were duly elected for the coming year.
  • President: Kendall G. Russell
  • Vice-President: Herbert B. Grant
  • Sec/Treasurer : George S. Traquair
  • Directors:
    • Ethel t. Kloberg
    • Raymond Kruse
    • Edward Bernstein
    • Theodore P. Whittemore Sr.,
President elect Ken Russell took over the meeting and expressed thanks to last years officers.
Mr. Bixler mentioned having someone interested in buying property and President Russell reminded members to keep the association informed of properties for sale. He also stated that a new map showing property owners will be sent out. After brief exchanges about lost boats and property assessments the meeting was adjourned at 12:15 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, George Traquair Secretary/Treasurer