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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 2006

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Meeting Place, Jaffrey Center, N.H.
August 5, 2006
The 47th Annual Meeting of the TPCA was called to order by President Rod Mackenzie at 10:40 AM. 54 members were present constituting a voting quorum. A motion to accept the minutes of the 2005 Annual Meeting was voted unanimously.
Secretary/Treasurer Susy Mansfield introduced the Map and list of Shoreline Property Owners, always a work-in-progress, and solicited updated information. The financial report shows a combined balance of all accounts at $18,103.62, with both expenses and income as expected. Reserves are held in short-term Certificates of Deposit. She spoke in praise of the Lake Host program, now in it's fourth year at TP.
Bill Jackson reported for the Voluntary Lake Assessment Program (VLAP) that the NH DES has prepared a 10-year review of TP water test results which show no negative changes. Monthly tests are on-going with every expectation of continued good results.
Jo Benedek reported for the Weed Watcher Program that Watershield (a native aquatic with oval leaves, resembling, a small water lily)is again the weed to watch, and should be hand-picked and removed wherever possible. Pickerelweed is increasing as well.
Wayne Cooper spoke of a recent presentation given by NH DES Limnologist Amy Smagula concerning pond management for biological health. Copies available in electronic format on request. This is the second year of our 1:1:3 dam drawdown schedule. Jo Benedek requested that replacement of the dam boards be made by May 1.
Don Strickland reported for The Fund for TP, which presently shows a balance of $5097.54. No solicitation was made this year in view of the recent tax assessments. Donations are always welcomed and a formal approach will be made in late Fall.
An informal conversation was led by Richard Mansfield, representing certain TPCA members with concerns about the tax assessments. He outlined a possible course of action and announced a public meeting which will be held on Thursday, August 10.
Bill Jackson presented Nominations for the Board as follows: President - Jim Banghart Vice President - Elizabeth Smith Secretary/Treasurer - Susy Mansfield
Board Members - Virginia Maurer and Bill Schofield for terms ending 8/08 Coining Board members Evie Hammerman and Paul Starrett, terms to 8/07
Following a unanimous vote for the slate, President-elect Jim Banghart paid tribute to Retiring-president Mackenzie for his leadership over the past several years, and to retiring Board members Don Austermann and Barry Steinberg for their contributions.
Adjourned at 11:50 to the Inn at Jaffrey Center for luncheon.
Respectfully submitted, Susy Mansfield, Secretary/Treasurer