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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1982

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Camp Wanocksett, Dublin, N.H.
August 7, 1982
The 23rd Annual Meeting of the Thorndike Pond Conservation Association was held at Camp Wanocksett on Saturday, August 7, 1982 at 11:00 A. M. There were 60 members present and three guests. It was decided to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the last annual meeting.
The Treasurer reported a balance of $50.40 in the checking account and $1,506.68 in the savings account. A complete report is attached. Dues were set at $25.00 per year. Please remit to Treasurer at Gilson Road, Jaffrey 03452.
Tom Kell gave the water report. He took PH readings and these show no fear of acid rain. Charts (made by Ray Kruse) were presented showing the Chemserve reports over a period of years. Condition of the water is excellent - considered to be significantly superior to the maximum allowable for recreation purposes. Water inspection will be continued on a regular basis.
Mr. William House, Forester, gave a report on the Gypsy Moth. He told its history, its habits and predicted that it is unlikely that there will be any substantial defoliation in 1983. His most recent report is enclosed.
Since the improvement of the road, there have been several reports of excessive speeding. Residents are asked to report car description, license plate and time of offense to the Jaffrey Police Department.
The water level will be lowered approximately 30 inches from the high spring level beginning about 3 weeks prior to Columbus Day weekend. Miss Kloberg suggested that a new board was needed in the dam. This will be taken care of.
The Association entered a float in the Jaffrey Jubilee Parade - "Thornie" the Thorndike Pond Monster. It was designed by Priscilla Hurlin and Maggie Orr and driven in the parade by Ken Russell.
Bill Jackson gave the report of the Nominating Committee;
  • President: Renouf Russell
  • Vice-President: Karl Wallace
  • Secretary /Treasurer: Deborah Kruse
  • Directors for 1 year
    • Ed Lobacki replacing Beverly Poulin
    • Harley Burger replacing Merrill Hill
    • Dave Hurlin
    • Dave Murray
Bill suggested that anyone wishing to serve on the Board to let the officers know.
Roger Whitcomb reported that many of the buoys marking rocks are badly misplaced. Ken Russell will consult the proper authority about the situation.
Ethel Kloberg graciously offered Camp Wa-Klo for next year's meeting - August 6, 1983. President Russell thanked Camp Wanocksett for hosting the meeting. He also thanked Beverly Poulin and Merrill Hill for their two years of service on the Board. The meeting was followed by a delicious lunch. Hot biscuits, coffee and iced tea were supplied by Camp Wanocksett and the many salads and desserts were brought by members.
Respectfully submitted, Debbie Kruse, Secretary/Treasurer