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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1973

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Mrs Ginsburg Cottage, Jaffrey, N.H.
August 4, 1973
The annual meeting of The Thorndike Pond Association was convened at 11 A.M. on the front of Mrs. Ginsburg's cottage on Thorndike Pond with Mr. Frank Ryan, President, presiding. Approxi-52 members and guests were in attendance.
The reading of the minutes of the previous year's annual report was waived.
Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Thomas L. Raleigh, Jr., reviewed the financial results for the year ended July 31, 1973. The state-of cash receipts and disbursements for the year then ended, attached hereto, was distributed to those in attendance and discussed by the Treasurer. The Treasurer pointed out that dues had been collected from 47 members; that $500 in dam assessments had been received and contributions had been made to the Association in the amount of $110. Expenses, principally real estate taxes, liability insurance and secretarial costs, totaled approximately $800. The operations of the Association for the year resulted in a surplus of some $300 and in October 1972 the $300 balance of the bank loan, obtained to finance the dam reconstruction was paid in full. At the end of the year the Association had almost $900 in the bank and no unpaid bills.

Mr. Roland Becker reported on the Water Committee activities and discussed the engagement of Habitat, Inc. to make an ecology study of Thorndike Pond at a cost of $250. He indicated the study would be made within the next few weeks. The President reported that samples of the pond water had been taken in July from various locations, principally those with the most swimming activity and that they had been submitted to the State of New Hampshire for testing. The State reported that the   tests were satisfactory.

The Treasurer suggested that the dues be again set at $20 per year per member for the 1973-1974 fiscal year. The membership approved this proposal
Mrs. Ginsburg then discussed the proposed change in the Association’s name and by-laws. Her recommendation was that the if the Association (as shown in Section 1 of the by-laws) be changed to the Thorndike Pond Conservation Association, Inc. and that the purpose (as shown in Section 2 of the by-laws) be changed to read:

Association exists to preserve the harmony between man and nature. Implicit in this statement is:

1.    The maintenance of Thorndike Pond as a desirable body of water and
2.    The fostering of an aesthetic shoreline and surrounding property.
Mrs. Ginsburg indicated that the Directors had considered these proposed changes for some months and had decided to recommend to the members that the changes be made. It was the Board's feeling that including           the word "conservation" in the name might better convey to prospective members and others the real purpose of the
Association. After discussion, the membership approved both the change in name and Statement of Purpose as recommended by Mrs. Ginsburg.
Mr. Ryan discussed a recommendation by the Board that a definite continuing policy be adopted for lowering the water level of the lake every other fall to a level to be determined at that time by the Board and the desirability of having the water reach the desired level by a definite date. The enclosed summary showing the results of the water level poll taken in June and July was distributed to the members. There was considerable discussion of this recommendation by various members. The President discussed some of the advantages of having a regular program so that members could make plans for major alterations with the knowledge that the water would be lowered at a certain time and year. The recommendation by the Board of Directors included a provision that in the event of an emergency, the Board would, of course, lower the water even if it had not been scheduled to be lowered that year. The members voted to approve the following policy with respect to the lowering water:
·         The water level of the pond is to be lowered every other year, starting in the fall of 1973, to a level to be determined by the Board of Directors.
·         In the year the water is lowered it is to reach the desired level by the second week of October. This new policy shall not, however, preclude the Board from causing the water to be lowered if the Board shall determine that it is desirable to do so for any reason.
The President indicated that the water would be lowered fall to a level of 32" by the second week in October.
The status of deed restrictions and zoning was discussed by Mr. Bayard Sawyer who indicated that the Jaffrey Planning Board had determined that it had the authority, as the result of a town meeting held in I960, to develop rules and regulations relating to land use in Jaffrey. He discussed the status of such proposed regulations and indicated that the Board had made the statement that such proposed regulations would be promulgated in the near future. (See report attached to these minutes.)
The President indicated that the Association's membership in the New Hampshire Lakes and Streams Association would be transferred to the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests since the former association had been disbanded. The membership voted to approve this transfer.
The President mentioned that a piece of property with 300 feet of frontage on the pond, was available and if any member was interested, would he or she see the President after the meeting.
Dr. Herbert Schofield, as Chairman, presented the following report of the Nominating Committee comprised of himself, Raymond Kruse and Frank Bosworth:
·         President: Bayard E. Sawyer
·         Vice President: Roland G. Becker
·         Secretary/Treasurer: George S.Traquair
  • Directors for two years ending in 1975:
    • Thomas N. Kell
    • Renouf Russell
The other two directors - Mrs. William Ginsburg and Mr. Edward N. Larrabee - were, elected in 1972 for two-year terms ending in 1974. The membership unanimously elected the above slate of Officers and Directors.
Mr. Sawyer then took over the meeting and asked if there my other business. One member indicated that a yellow kayak belonging to the Bolles was missing and asked that if anyone found it that it be returned to the Bolles.
Mr. Ernst reported on minor repairs which were being by the town to Slade Road and said that the road was being widened in certain places and straightened. He said that there would be only a few trees lost as a result of the improvements.
The meeting was adjourned at approximately 12:15 P.M. and a luncheon with refreshments was served to those present.
Respectfully submitted, Thomas Raleigh Secretary/Treasurer