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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1996

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Meeting Place, Jaffrey Center, N.H.
August 3, 1996
President Bill Jackson called the 37th annual meeting of the Association to order at 11:10 a.m. 49 members and guests were present. New members Lee and Rita Bruder and Russ Fellows were introduced, as were Dr. and Mrs. Robert Chase representing Debbie Chase and Mary Payson representing the Thorndike Club.
Members approved the minutes of the 1995 annual meeting as published.
Treasurer Henry Schulte reported income of $3,191.66 and expenses of $3,436.14 for the 1995-1996 year. The deficit resulted from the huge increase in the cost of liability insurance for the dam and island, from $260 in the previous year to $1,584. The Treasurer's motion to increase annual dues from $40 to $50 passed unanimously.
The President reported the results of 1995 water testing and explained what is being done this season. Last summer's algae bloom was common in New Hampshire lakes, caused by drought and low water levels according to NH Department of Environmental Services. All test spots showed good readings for pH, oxygen, plankton, clarity, chlorophyll-a, and phosphorous except the southwest inlet, which continues to show a higher level of phosphorous than the rest of the lake. This year there has been extra testing, with DES personnel, of the SW inlet and the wetland behind the inlet, and a survey of abutting property owners (all of whom were very cooperative) with regard to fertilizer use. In August there will be further testing of the lake and if possible the wetlands for phosphorous.
Jo Benedek reported for the ad hoc committee established to study the factors effecting water quality in the pond. Her inventory of water plants in the pond turned up no destructive species. She observed a number of logs and branches in the water along the shoreline, and recommended that we remove them while they are fresh and floating if possible. Next season DES will do a study of plant growth in the pond which can be compared to the last such study done in 1982.
Jo also reported that DES recommends a minimal drawdown of the Pond, one foot required by law for flood control, except for dam repair or, if desired by property owners, beach clean-up. The Committee recommends a three year cycle of two years of one-foot drawdown followed by a three-foot drawdown in the 3rd year A motion was then made and passed that the pond be lowered one foot in 1996, one foot in 1997, and three feet in 1998, with the drawdown to begin on or about October 1st.
The president reported the failure in the New Hampshire House of Representatives Of an amendment to existing law to include 3-4 person jet propelled watercraft in the ban of 1-2 person jet skis from many ponds, including Thorndike Pond. The ban of 1-2 person jet skis remains in force.
The members voted to approve the actions of the Board of Directors during the 1995-1996 year.
Members approved a slate of officers for 1996-97 reported out by Ken Russell of the Nominating Committee: Bill Jackson, President; Jo Benedek, Vice President; Ginny Wile, Secretary-treasurer; Bob Melzer and Wally Rowlands, two year terms as Directors, and Jane Walling for a one-year term. Bob Chamberlain will continue for the second year of his two-year term.
David and Priscilla Hurlin reported to the members that they have on their shoreline a Sunfish sailboat which washed ashore last fall. It bears the name "I be naught", and has not been claimed by anyone. Anyone having knowledge of it owners please call the Hurlins.
Millard Brown, in response to a question about airplanes, said that Thorndike Pond is an approved seaplane base and therefore pontoon planes do not have to observe the 500 foot minimum altitude requirement applicable to wheeled aircraft. Other planes must, so if you are "buzzed" and can get the tail number, such low flying should be reported to the FAA.
Lastly and most appropriately, members ended the meeting with unanimous approval of the following resolution:
Be it resolved that the present members of the Thorndike Pond Conservation Association direct the President to communicate to Ted and Jane Ernst, through minutes of this annual meeting, their gratitude for:
·         Ted Ernst's contribution to the founding of the original Association, and participation in its continuance over many years as an instrument for monitoring the quality of the Pond's water and environment for the benefit of all Pond residents and others using and enjoying Thorndike Pond.
·         The many years spent as an advocate for the Pond within and outside the
The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 PM for luncheon at the Monadnock Inn.
Respectfully submitted, Henry F. Schulte, Secretary/Treasurer