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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1977

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Camp Wa-Klo, Dublin, N.H.
August 6, 1977
The fifteenth Annual Meeting of the Thcrndike Pond Conservation Association was called to order by President Brud Becker.
The Treasurer/Secretary Edward Ginsburg moved that the Minutes of the last meeting as previously distributed be accepted with the one exception that Nell Schofield and not Bill Schofield had been elected a Director be noted. He apologized for the error in the last minutes and stated that he would try not to be a male chauvinist in the future.
The Secretary/Treasurer Edward M. Ginsburg presented the Treasurer's Report, a copy of which is attached to the Minutes as Exhibit "A". He noted that since the filing
of the report an additional sum of approximately $22.00 had been spent on the hams to be served in conjunction with the luncheon following the Annual Meeting. It was moved
and voted that the Treasurer's Report be accepted.
Josephine Benedek reported that Bill and Nell Schofield had taken two water samples from the lake and that the report back from the State officials in Concord had been
that the water was satisfactory. Jo noted that the State of New Hampshire was no longer in the business of testing the water in ponds and that we would have to hire a private company in the future.
CONCERN OVER THE WATER IN THE POND. A lengthy discussion followed concerning the condition of the water in the pond. President Becker pointed out the natural life cycle of lakes and ponds was that inevitably the water in the ponds
became worse and worse. He alluded to the report which had been sent to all the members concerning the deteriorating condition of another pond in New Hampshire showing that we must act with constant vigilance in order to forestall if not prevent the natural ravages of time from destroying Thorndike Pond.
Ted Magoun pointed out that the water off of his property had considerable more algae in it now than in the past. He suggested that the lake be flushed out annually and stated that he believed that when the Mill in Peterboro lowered the water in the lake, the water condition improved the following year.
It was pointed out, however, by others at the meeting that the water in the pond has a natural tendency to flush itself out and turn over at least two times a year.
Ted Magoun moved and it was seconded that the current procedure whereby the water in the pond was drawn down every other year be changed and that the water in the pond be drawn down every year unless a professional opinion indicated to the contrary. The motion was defeated.
It was noted that this was the odd year and that under the current procedure the water in the pond would be drawn down 36 inches. The dam would be opened on about September 29th. and, if the past were any indication, the lake would be down 36 inches on or before October 10th.
President Becker assured all of the Members that it was the duty of the Board of Directors to seek professional advice as to how to best deal with the problem of the quality of water in the pond. He assured everyone present that the Board of Directors would seek the best professional advice on how to deal with the current and future problems of stagnation.
There was a general consensus that before any radical changes were made with respect to the opening and the closing of the dam or any other procedures to be followed, the Bo-^rd of Directors should be authorized to seek professional advice.
It was moved and seconded that the dues for the current year be set at $20.00 per family, the same as last year. The motion carried. Although there were funds in the Treasury, it was felt that any additional funds would be needed for the professional help in connection with the problem of protecting the purity of the lake water.
Ken Russell, the Chairman of the Nominating Committee noted that the terms of Fran Woods and Ed Wheeler as Directors of the Association had come to an end and the term of Edward Ginsburg as Secretary/Treasurer had also come to an end. All three were thanked for their services. It was noted that Nell Schofield and Jo Benedek would continue as Directors. It was moved and seconded that John Hubbard, Alan Winslow and Edward Ginsburg be nominated as Directors, Bill Jackson be nominated as President, Herbert Grant as Vice-President and Ted Ernst as Secretary/Treasurer. No other names having been presented, the Secretary cast one vote for the slate.
Everyone was most appreciative of the hospitality being offered by Ethel Kloboerg in agreeing to host the Annual Meeting and Luncheon after the Meeting. She pointed
out that this was the 40th Anniversary of Camp WA-KLO and that there were 102 campers this summer. Everyone noted how clean the camp was. It was also noted by everyone during the Annual Meeting and at the Luncheon of how great and friendly Ethel Kloberg's hospitality had been.
Jo Benedek pointed out that she and Nell Schofield as Co-Chair people of the Luncheon Committee felt that the organization should get broader based aid and support in arranging the luncheon after the Annual Meeting. Jo pointed out that in the past most of the organization had been done by fewer people than she would have liked. At this point, both the Kruses and the Ken Russells volunteered to host the Annual Meeting next year. Although your Secretary could not tell, he believed that the Kruses volunteered in the loudest voice and were therefore selected to host next year's Annual Meeting and Luncheon.
President Becker turned over the chair to the incoming President Bill Jackson. Everyone was very much appreciative of the tactful manner in which Brud Becker had steered the organization during his tenure as President and he was duly thanked for his services.
Respectfully submitted, Edward M. Ginsburg Secretary/Treasurer