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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1979

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Home of Mr. and Mrs. Ken Russell, Jaffrey, N.H.
August 4, 1979
The meeting and luncheon following were held this year on the property of Mrs. and Mrs. Ken Russell, and the Association owes a debt of gratitude for the accommodations.
A reading of the minutes of the 1978 meeting was waived by majority vote, and the minutes accepted as written.
Ted Ernst updated members on recent changes of ownership of the Bolles property on Mt. Monodnock. The Bolles property has been sold to the State, and will become part of the park, most likely as additional campground. The property on Thorndike Pond was not included in the sale, and the beach which served the Monodnock recreation area re­mains the property of the Bolles. Ted also discussed proposed improve­ments planned by the State for some of the trail heads on Mt. Monodnock.
Ted Ernst reported on a fish and game study of Thorndike Pond which indicates that while the Pond is very good for small-mouth bass, it is not good for trout since summer temperatures become too warm for that species. Stocking of the Pond with trout would thus be impractical.
Bill Jackson expressed the concern of some residents who have remarked to him about an apparent increase in the use of high-powered motor boats after 6:00 p.m. Members were requested to ask their youngsters to reduce speed boat use in the evening hours.
Bill Jackson reconfirmed that the New Hampshire State Water Resource Board had accepted the repairs made to our dam last fall. The dam is now classified as a "safe dam" by the State. Ethel Kloberg remarked that the extremely high water level this spring seemed to have caused some minor erosion at the edge of the dam, and your directors will inspect this and retain Merrill Hill to make any necessary repairs.
A motion was made and approved that the Pond be lowered 32 inches from the spring high this fall. This lowering will be scheduled so as to have the Pond at its lowest by the second week in October (the 13th).
Herb Grant reported on the water analysis program which is continuing with Chemserve. The first reading taken on May 7th indicated that the phosphate level was not alarming but not perfect. Residents should maintain utilization of low phosphate detergents and washing powders. The nitrate level was good but coliform readings were somewhat higher than the year before because of the extreme run-off condition this spring Results from a second reading on July 23 (coliform only) were much improved and not alarming.
Visibility tests made on two occasions this year were somewhat better than last year. It is intended that this program be continued with a third reading of the Pond during the current season.
Ted Ernst presented the Treasurers Report and this was accepted as submitted. A motion was made and carried to continue the Associa­tion's membership in the Society for Preservation of New Hampshire forests. It was also decided that in view of current financial
conditions of the Association, membership dues for the 1979/80 year will remain at $20.00. If you have not yet paid your dues for the current year, please send a check for $20.00 to Mrs. Debbie Whitcomb, 49 Glen Drive, Peterborough, New Hampshire 03458. It would be appreciated if all members could do this as promptly as possible to simplify bookkeeping and eliminate the need for follow-up during the year.
Bill Jackson reviewed the action which the Board of Directors of the Association has taken with regard to the upcoming court action between Mr. William Shearer and the Town of Jaffrey because of zoning violations during construction last year on Mr. Shearer's property. Since the Board of Directors has retained legal counsel to file a brief including the Thorndike Pond Conservation Association as Petitioner and "friend of the Court" in this case, Mr. Jackson requested a motion from the membership to ratify the Board's action. Such motion was made and seconded. Discussion was held with a great deal of participation by those present, and the motion was carried 26 votes for, and 7 votes against. Mr. Ted Magoun asked that he specifically be named as one of those voting against the motion, and his request is hereby noted.
The report for the Nominating Committee was submitted by Brud Becker, and officers and directors were voted to serve the following terms:


·          President: Ed Wheeler (one year)
·          Vice President: Ken Russell (one year)
·          Secretary/Treasurer: Debbie Whitcomb (one year)


·          Directors
o   Kathleen Frame (incumbent for one more year)
o   Jean Hampsey -(two year term)
o   Marie Jensen (two year term)
o   Beverly Poulin (-one year term*)


*To serve the remaining year of Nell Schofield's term.
Ethel Kloberg volunteered to provide space for next year's meeting at Camp Wa-Klo, rain or shine.
The meeting was adjourned, and most members present attended "lunch and punch" at the Russell home.
Respectfully submitted, Debbie Whitcomb, Secretary/Treasurer