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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1972

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Meeting House, Jaffrey, N.H.
August 5, 1972
The annual meeting of The Thorndike Pond Association was convened at 10:15 A.M. at the Meeting House in Jaffrey Center with Mr. Frank Ryan, President, presiding. Approximately thirty-five members and interested people were in attendance.
Reading of the minutes of the previous year's annual meeting was waived.
Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Thomas Raleigh, reviewed the financial results for the year ended July 31, 1972 and commented on the financial position of the Association. The note payable to bank issued in connection with the dam reconstruction was reduced during the year by $900 - from $1,200 to $300. The statement of receipts and disbursements for the year ended July 31, 1972 attached hereto was made available to those in attendance and was discussed by the Treasurer.
Mr. Kendall Russell reported on the activities of the Water Committee. Samples of Pond water were taken in July and submitted to State of New Hampshire and additional samples are to be taken this week and submitted for testing.
The Committee has been considering engaging an independent consultant to test the nitrate and phosphate content of the Pond water and will be reviewing this matter further. The cost of such a service would be $300 - $400.
The status of motor boat restrictions was then discussed by Mr. Russell who indicated that there seems to be opposition from some Jaffrey residents. The Committee plans to have further discussions with these individuals before requesting the New Hampshire authorities to schedule an open hearing.
A report on the status of deed restriction was presented by Mr. Frank Bosworth who indicated that the owners of approximately 72%% of the lake front property were conditionally committed to sign the deed restrictions if it is assumed that the town beach is irrevocably committed to its present status. He added further thai he intended to notify the membership when 75% of the lake front property is committed and asked that the signers confirm their commitments. There was considerable additional discussion of possible additional provisions and it was concluded that the deed restrictions would include a provision which would indicate that The Thorndike Pond Association may bring suit against violators of the deed restrictions declaration. It was also concluded that the Association would pursue obtaining a zoning ordinance at a future Jaffrey town meeting.
The membership approved annual dues of $20 for the fiscal year 1972-1973.
It was voted that the Directors be given authority to decide the extent (if at all) to which the water level would be lowered this fall, but in no event should the water be lowered prior to October 15.
The membership approved the continuation of membership in the New Hampshire Lakes and Streams Association.
The following officers and directors were elected for one-year terms ending in 1973:
  • President:  Francis W. Ryan
  • Vice President: Bayard E. Sawyer
  • Secretary-Treasurer - Thomas L. Raleigh, Jr.
  • Directors for two years ending in 1974:
    • Mrs. William E. Ginsburg
    • Mr. Edward N. Larrabee
The other two directors - Mr. Roland G. Becker and Homans S. Foster were elected in 1971 for two-year terms ending in 1973.
A member mentioned that the Gilson Road sign is missing from the Wesselhoff Farm and the President agreed to follow up on this with the appropriate Jaffrey town officials.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:15 A.M.
Respectfully submitted, Thomas L. Raleigh Secretary/Treasurer