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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1974

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Home of M/M Renouf Russell, Jaffrey, N.H.
August 3, 1974
Presiding over the meeting was President By Sawyer,
President By thanked the Russells for being host to the meet­ing.
The Treasurer distributed a financial statement showing a bal­ance on hand of $684.11
Dues for the year were voted at $20.
The water testing by Habitat was discussed and it was voted to have them continue the testing with the assistance of the Benediks.
There was no need to discuss lowering of the water since it had been agreed last year to do it only every other year.
Brud Becker discussed the regulating of Motor Boats, he stated that in order to get regulation we must prove safety as the determin­ing factor.
A motion was made and voted to table the matter until next year. Members were urged to report any infractions to Brud Becker.
Someone made the comment that this discussion on Motor Boats filled the void on not having a DAM discussion.
President By reported on a meeting held relative to "The Use of Monadnock". They are working towards getting the state to have full control over the Mountain. Also to get the State to purchase the Monadnock Recreation Association.  A suggestion was made that effort be made to purchase the small port on the Pond owned by the Recreation Assoc. to prevent overuse.
The report of the Nominating Committee was given and voted as follows:
  • President - By Sawyer
  • Vice Pres.- Brud Becker
  • Sec.Treas.- George Traquair
  • New Directors:
    • Mrs. James Whalen
    • Mrs. Edward Lobacki
A discussion took place on Ted Ernst's sub-division plan which had been sent to the membership.
Meeting adjourned at 12:05
Respectfully submitted,George Traquair: Secretary/Treasurer