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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1981

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Camp Wa_Klo, Dublin, N.H.
August 1, 1981
The Annual Meeting of the Thorndike Pond Conservation Association was held at Camp Waklo on Saturday, August 1, 1981. There were 55 people present.
It was moved, seconded and passed that the Secretary's report be accepted as mailed.
The Treasurer reported a balance in the checking account of $133.01 and in savings $1, 513.08. Report is attached.
There seemed to be some confusion concerning the Water Analysis Report - no one person was in charge. Jo Benedek made a motion to reinstate a Water Committee. This motion was amended to authorize the Board to appoint someone to keep the chart up-to-date and compare figures for a complete report. Tom Kell volunteered his services. Bill Jackson reported that his testing of the clarity of the water revealed that it was better than ever.
Ed Wheeler reported that the Nature Conservancy had advised it no longer wanted to have ownership of the island. There was much discussion as to what our procedure should be if it gave up the island. We could set up a separate corporation (tax exempt). This means filing of forms and an expense of $600 - $800. It was decided to do nothing until the Nature Conservancy takes more action. Ted Ernst noted that the Board might have to make decisions sometime during the year.Bernie Hampsey made a motion that the Board be empowered to take action, if needed, regarding the island. So voted.
Esther Ginsburg asked for the status of Shearer situation. Herb Grant reported that Mr. Shearer had been fined and all accounts are now settled with no further encumbrances against the property.
Mr. Wile asked about spraying against the Gypsy Moth. Much discussion followed. General agreement was that we should aerial spray next spring as there was great infestation in surrounding areas this year. Tim Carew made a motion that the Board get a contract for the spraying at the best possible price and each member be assessed equitably. This was passed. More information will be forthcoming. Bernie Hampsey suggested we check with insurance company and obtain additional coverage to cover any possible claim of damage from spraying.
It was announced the water level will be lowered approximately 32 inches from the high spring level beginning about three weeks prior to Columbus Day weekend.
Bill Jackson gave the report of the Nominating Committee:
  • President: Renouf Russell;
  • Vice-President: Karl Wallace
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Deborah Kruse
  • Directors for two year terms:
    • David Hurlin
    • David Murray
Continuing for one more year as Directors are Beverly Poulin and Merrill Hill. Slate accepted.
J. Kennedy offered Camp Wanocksett for the Annual Meeting in August, 1982.
It was voted to keep the dues at $ 25.00 per year. Please send to Treasurer at Gilson Road, Jaffrey, New Hampshire 03452.
Meeting adjourned at 12:45.
Respectfully submitted from D Whitcomb’s notes, Deborah D. Kruse, Secretary/Treasure.