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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1991

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Camp Wa-Klo, Dublin, N.H.
August 1, 1992
President Gillian Whalen called the 33rd Annual Meeting to or­der promptly at 12:45. There were 45 members and guests record­ed as present.
Thanks were extended to gracious hostesses Ethel Kloberg and Marie Jensen for inviting us again to the Camp.
Those wishing to help with the restoration of the Meeting House in Jaffrey Center were asked to forward contributions to the VIS. A check with Mary Payson, however, reveals that the most direct route for contributions is to the "Meeting House Trust Fund", c/o Town Manager, Town Offices, Jaffrey 03452. Bids are now being made for the work on the steeple and the foundations, and it is clear that the present fund is going to be short of the mark. Please help.
Lake properties for sale: Radin, Kelly, Asher, and possibly the Ginsburg place.
The business agenda then proceeded as follows:
1)     The Minutes of the 1991 Meeting were approved unanimously.
2)     The Treasurer's Report was presented enthusiastically by the Sec/Treasurer pro tern in the absence of Henry Schulte, who art­fully chose this moment to be in Tahiti. Our net balance as of 6/30/92 is $9,365. The Report was accepted unanimously, and a copy isavailable on request to those who did not receive one.
3)     Dam Repairs The President then gave special thanks to Peter McGowan, Bob Chamberlain, Dave Murray, Ray Kruse and others for their help with the dam repair project last fall. The actual cost ($9,450) was a little below estimate because all of the
work could not be completed. Some relatively minor "fine tun­ing" will be done this Fall at moderate cost, the money for this having already been set aside in the "dam fund".
4) Pond lowering The Board recommended that the water level be lowered about 32" by Columbus Day weekend, and a motion to this effect was made and seconded. The ensuing discussion involved algae growth, fishing, rocks, lake appearance, delaying the
flowage date, consistency of policy, and near-terminal boredom with the whole subject. The motion was subsequently passed with 2 nays, 40-plus ayes, and no audio-visual abstentions. The dam will therefore be opened on or about Sept. 26 in order to achieve the desired reduction by the Oct. 10-11 weekend. Members wishing to do beach and dock work should plan accordingly.
5) Dues A motion to continue dues at $40/membership was made, seconded and passed unanimously without discussion. The Presid­ent explained the importance of building a viable reserve fund for emergency dam repair as well as the more routine mainten­ance. She also explained the need for liability insurance cov­erage, to be discussed later. A dues invoice is enclosed for those who have not already remitted, and your timely action will be appreciated, as always.
6)     Pond water quality Special thanks and a round of applause were due Ray Kruse for his many years' service as Official Water Tester for TPCA. Henceforth he will be assisted by Bill Jackson, Henry Schulte and Tom Mansfield. Ray reported the
testing results have been excellent so far this year.
7)     The Environmental Committee Fred Gehrung referred to the written report submitted at the end of June. Several projects are under way, and a more complete report will be possible in 1993. In the meanwhile, the Committee felt we should hold for
now in the matter of high-speed boating restrictions. The sub­
sequent discussion included at least one plea that restrictions be considered now; deep concern for the effect a Shattuck Inn Assoc. marina will have; a call to let the State know now how
we feel about a potentially large motorboat population; the parking problem at the Inlet and a related concern that too
many complaints to the authorities could result in unwanted ex­pansion at the Town Beach for Shattuck Inn cars and possibly boats; and the suggestion that requests for special rules might draw undue attention to the Pond.
8)     Wetlands Board Regulations on Shoreline Structures Tom Mansfield has obtained this document dealing with permits need­ed to build or expand a dock. Let us know if you should need a copy.
9)     Jet skis Fred Gehrung sounded the alarm several months ago about a possible State ruling that would allow 3-4 passenger jet skis (actually boats) on ponds such as ours. Ray Kruse rep­resented TPCA at a hearing in Concord, several letters were
written to key people, and a memo on this subject was sent to
all members by Ray awhile back. TPCA will maintain close vigil­ance on future developments and attend pertinent meetings in Concord when scheduled.
10)   NH Lake Association We are now members of this umbrella organization, which acts as a lobbying force in Concord. Tom Mansfield has extra copies of their newsletter for those who may wish to see it.
11)Election of Officers & Directors Past-President Peter
McGowan, chairman of the Nominating Committee, moved the foll­owing slate: Elected for a second year:
Gillian Whalen, President
Tom Mansfield, Vice-President
Henry Schulte, Secretary-Treasurer Automatically continued for a second year:
Fred Pearson, Director
Stuart Davidson, Director Newly elected, to serve until 1994:
Priscilla Hurlin, Director
Steve Epstein, Director
The slate was accepted unanimously and gratefully, following which thanks were extended to Ethel Kloberg and Laura Gehrung, the retiring directors.
12)      Approval of the Actions of the Board In keeping with modern tradition, the actions of the Board since the last Annual Meeting were approved unanimously.
13)      New Members Helen and Miller Brown, who have bought the Sawyer place as their intended permanent residence, were intro­duced and welcomed.
14)    General Liability Insurance The Board has been concerned about the potential for lawsuits resulting from accidents on the island or the dam, as well as water damage downstream due to a dam failure. Gill described a "respectable" policy from Continental with a premium of about $350/year - the exact cost to depend on an evaluation of the dam. She then asked for a motion to purchase this policy for one year, the cost not to
exceed $400. The policy will be reviewed by the Board and the membership next year, along with an alternative suggestion by Ray Kruse. The motion carried unanimously.
15)      A Winchendon Airport? Elaine Morz of Lunenburg, MA was in­troduced to speak on the progress of planning by the MA Aero­nautical Commission and Dept. of Transportation for a large new jet airport to relieve the congestion at Logan. At this point, Winchendon and Fort Devens remain possibilities, and organizat­ions such as ASERT and Which Way Winchendon have been fighting these locations. So far the Harris Center is the only NH group to register opposition, but other groups from border towns are contemplated. The main concern, of course, is noise, for the wide traffic patterns more than include Jaffrey. While placing a Kennedy-size airport in little Winchendon may sound far­ fetched, high-speed rail and improved highways, plus the antic­ipated eagerness of politicians in a very depressed area, make the whole thing worthy of concern. Ms. Morz signed up a number of people for her mailing list, and TPCA will maintain contact.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 1:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Ted Ernst, Secretary Pro tern