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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1988

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Hurlin’s Hanger, Jaffrey, N.H.
August 6, 1988
President David Murray called the meeting to order at 4:20 p.m. The minutes of the 1987 meeting were approved as submitted.
The treasurer reported that Association income from dues and interest had been $2,889.59 for the period from Aug. 1, 1987, to Aug. 1, 1988. Expenses totaled $1,040.91. Income exceeded outgo by $1,848.68. As of August 1, the Association's bank balance — savings and checking accounts — was $5,048.45. The treasurer added that updated lists of property owners on the pond and maps of the properties on the pond were available.
The president recalled that dues were raised to $40 to allow the accumulation of funds for major work on the dam when that becomes necessary. It was moved and seconded that the annual dues be kept at $40. The motion was approved.
The president then welcomed the one new member present — Virginia Wile — and noted that there were two new property owners on the pond, Robert Ayres, who had bought the Whyte property and Stuart Davidson, who inherited Olga Wheeler's house.
Ray Kruse reported on the condition of the pond. He noted that the spring fish kill, which had caused some concern, was a normal phenomenon, according to state experts. He said there is no milfoil in the pond.
Water quality, he said, continued to be satisfactory. A spring water-quality test indicated that coliform-T was present off the town beach. A subsequent test showed no coliform present. Kruse reported also that the PH factor was 6.4, which is the acceptable range. A Secchi-disc reading showed water clarity to be consistent with previous years — good.
Fred Gehrung noted that as of October 1 jet skis would be banned from the pond He said there have been several noisy speed boats. If noise — or illegal operating behavior — bothers a property owner, he or she may seek help, Gehrung said. He told members that they could summon officials by telephone. One could call Mutual Aid at 352-1100. Mutual Aid would radio the Marine Patrol. An alternative, he said, was to call Marine Patrol directly at 293-2037. The official who patrols this area is David Buck of Keene. Gehrung said Buck could test for illegal noise levels. Those found guilty could be fined as much as $228.
Vice-president Peter McGowan reported on the dam. He said it had been inspected by state officials in 1987 and was found to be in good shape. He, David Murray and Nathan Hurlin have replaced boards and cleared debris from around the dam. McGowan said the pond would be lowered by Columbus Day. It was moved and seconded that a dam committee — with at least three members appointed by the president — should be formed and charged with the maintenance and operation of the dam. The motion was passed. President Murray said that he, Peter McGowan and Nate Hurlin would make up the committee this year.
President Murray noted that the law requires anyone selling property that is on a pond of more than 10 acres to have the septic system checked before completing the sale. A similar inspection must be made when seasonal property is upgraded to year-round property.
He reported also that the group contesting the tax increases of 1986 has had no success as yet.
Herb Grant and David Hurlin — the Association nominating committee — nominated:
  • David Murray for another term as president.
  • Peter McGowan, vice president
  • Henry Schulte, secretary-treasurer
  • Cheves Walling, member of the board
  • Nathan Hurlin, member of the board
The slate was approved unanimously. Walling replaces Bob Banker, who wound up a two-year stint on the board. Hurlin, appointed to a one-year term in 1987 continues. The other members of the board are Gillian Whalen and Linda Jacob.
Association members then voted to approve the actions of the officers over the past year.
Ethel Kloberg, who had spoken earlier with great eloquence about desirability of maintaining the quality of the pond and its surroundings, invited the association to meet at Camp Wa-Klo in 1989.
The secretary was asked by the president and association members to prepare and circulate a questionnaire:
1)   Updating permanent and summer addresses of property owners.
2)   Requesting input about the most desirable matter of handling the annual,
fall lowering of the pond.
3)   Asking for suggestions about the annual meeting: should it be held
every other year instead of annually; should it be a noon meeting
instead of an evening meeting; should it continue to start at 4 p.m.
or should it start later; should there be a social event — happy hour
and dinner — connected with the meeting?
Finally, President Murray thanked Dan and Nate Hurlin for the use of the "Hangar" for the meeting and the members of the food committee — Priscilla Hurlin, Ginger Murray, Debbie Kruse, Gillian Whalen and Carmen McGowan. The meeting ended at 5:05 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, Henry F. Schulte, Secretary/Treasurer
Post meeting notes:
1)   The Harris property — originally the Frame/house — is on the market.
2)   The Asher lot is for sale also.