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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1984

Minutes of Annual Meeting
M/M Poulin Home, Jaffrey, N.H.
August 4, 1984
The twenty-fourth Annual Meeting of the Thorndike Pond Conservation Association was held on Saturday, August 4, 1984 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Poulin, 69 Gilson Road, Jaffrey, N. H. at 4:30 P.M. There were 70 people attending.
President Karl Wallace opened the meeting with greetings to all and particularly to new members: Linda and Jonah Jacob, Amy and Robert Radin, Elise and Don Strickland and Leigh and Richard Webb.
It was voted to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the 1983 Annual Meeting. The Treasurer reported a balance of $31.68 in checking and $1,157.96 in the savings account. Complete report is attached.
There was discussion of repairs to the dam. Because of the heavy rains in June, a high run-off of 8-10 inches occurred. Extensive repairs are necessary to correct the damage and to prevent it from happening again. It was voted to raise the dues to $35.00. Please remit to Treasurer at 65 Gilson Road, Jaffrey, NH 03452.
There have been two requests to lower the lake level this fall. This will be done so that by October 12 it will have been lowered 32 inches from the high spring level. Please make your beach repairs at this time.
Ray Kruse presented the Water Report. All is well except for a slightly acetic reading - pH 6.11 - this will be watched. We do have Class A water.
Dave Hurlin reported on our Liability Policy. At present it is written with $100,000 Property Damage each occurrence and $300,000 Bodily Injury. It was voted to purchase a $1,000,000 Umbrella Policy.
Ray Kruse, for the Nominating Committee, presented the following slate:
  • President: Karl Wallace
  • Vice-president: David Hurlin
  • Secretary/ Treasurer: Deborah Kruse
  • Directors: 
    • Bernard Hampsey,
    • David Murray
    • Walter Rowlands
    • Henry Schulte. 
It was accepted unanimously.
There was more comment about repairs to the dam. Esther Ginsburg stated that perhaps the State could take ownership of it. After general discussion, the general consensus seemed to be that the TPCA would prefer to maintain ownership of the dam.
Ted Ernst commented that he didn't believe the Forest Ramp Association should pay dues to the TPCA as all the members of this group pay individually to TPCA. No vote was taken on this.
Camp Wanocksett volunteered to have next year's meeting. President Wallace thanked the Poulins for their hospitality and all the people who brought the delicious food for the roast pork cook-out which followed the meeting.
Respectfully submitted, Deborah D. Kruse. Secretary