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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 2007

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Meeting Place, Jaffrey Center, N.H.
August 4, 2007
The 48th Annual Meeting of the TPCA was called to order by President Jim Banghart at 10:15 AM. 39 members representing 25 families were present constituting a voting quorum. A motion to accept the minutes of the 2006 Annual Meeting was voted unanimously.
Secretary/Treasurer Susy Mansfield introduced the Map and list of Shoreline Property Owners, a work-in-progress as always, and solicited updates including phone numbers and e-mail addresses. The financial report shows a combined balance of all TPCA accounts at $15,077.94, with both expenses and income as expected. Reserves are held in 6-month Certificates of Deposit.
Don Strickland spoke on behalf of the Trustees of The Fund for Thorndike Pond, the balance of which is up to $7,362.68. 17 donations totaling $2,200. were received in response to an appeal made in December 2008. Many thanks to all supporters. The Fund will invest in Certificates of Deposit to increase interest income.
The deaths this past year of long-time TPCA members David Wood, Robert Karlsburger, Cheves Walling and Fannie Hillsmith were noted with regret.
Bill Jackson's report for the Voluntary Lake Assessment Program (VLAP), which he has managed for the TPCA since 1991, was mailed previously. Bill commented that water test results for 2007 show clarity to a depth of 3.5 M with no negative changes to quality. Monthly tests are on-going with NH DES participation for the August test. The secchi disk made by the late Ray Kruse (former TPCA president) which is used to test water clarity was on display as well as the DES VLAP manual.
Jo Benedek's report for the Weed Watcher Program was also mailed previously. Jo comments that watershield (a native aquatic with oval leaves, resembling a small water lily)continues to be of concern especially in the SW outlet. Watershield and pickerelweed should be hand-picked and removed wherever possible. Live samples of watershield and bladderwort were displayed and a NHLA identification booklet for invasive and native aquatic species was distributed to members.
Evie Hammerman and Susy Mansfield reported as Point Persons for the Lake Host Program. With two excellent paid Lake Hosts we have had no invasive plant reports; one sample sent to Concord proved benign. We received a smaller grant from the NH Lakes Association this year, but are pleased to welcome newly-trained Volunteer Lake Hosts who will provide additional ramp coverage. Tony and Patty Scholl, Eila Mackenzie, Don and Sallie Austermann, Emily Carr, Bob Meltzer, Don Strickland and Jim Banghart were given an enthusiastic round of applause. A new Lake Host chair has been obtained thanks to Belletete's Lumber, to replace one that was stolen in early July.
President Jim Banghart began his report by clarifying the TPCA Board position on development around the pond, which is 1) to observe; 2) to contact owners, and research local and state permits; and 3) to file violations when necessary. The Board is often contacted by concerned residents with regard to building activity. This policy is universally applied to every request for information from concerned TPCA members.
State regulations governing development were mailed previously. Regulations will be available on the website or by contacting any Board member.
Jim reported two recent property transfers and welcomed Sam and Eileen Hackler (316 TP Rd, formerly Karlsburger) and Ken and Diane Roman (608 Dublin Rd, formerly Gehrung) to the pond. The Caron and Bruder properties are presently for sale.
The TPCA is helping with annual conservation monitoring responsibility for Whittemore Island, which is owned by The Nature Conservancy. Members who visit the island are asked to report to the President any natural changes (blowdowns, beaver activity) and to note when/if the signs need repair or handouts need replenishing.
Drawdown of the Dam will begin shortly after September 15, not later than October 1, and will be the full 3-board drawdown according to our 1:1:3 schedule. The boards will be replaced after the first ice forms, in time to allow for the refill which provides winter hibernation habitat for wild residents of the pond.
Dam Day will be on September 16 beginning at 10 AM for those wishing to help with annual maintenance around the dam. BYO loppers, chainsaws and gloves. Camp Wa-Klo invites participants to use Driveway #7 for access to the dam. Contact Jim Banghart to join the fun.
Jim announced that the 50th anniversary of the TPCA will be in 2009 and that a Lake History project is being undertaken to create a book about Thorndike Pond and it's residents. Don Austermann will lead the project and all members are asked for their suggestions, memories, input and participation. Members interested in participating in this effort are encouraged to contact Don before summers end.
The Board plans to launch a TPCA website which will include the capability for posting 'want ads' such as "lost boat!" or "whose paddles have washed up on our beach?" as well as TPCA business & links to regulatory and conservations groups.
Banghart introduced Tom Mansfield, TPCA member and NH State architect, to update the Gilson Pond Campground development. 35 campsites and a Host station are being located at the former Birchtoft site, scheduled to open in May 2008. Campers will access Thorndike Pond via the Shattuck Park town beach.
An informal update was given by Richard Mansfield concerning the course of action taken by certain TPCA members relative to the current tax assessments. A meeting of interested residents will be held on August 30 at the Thorndike Club. Recent property sales tend to support the accuracy of assessments.
Paul Starrett presented Nominations for the Board as follows:
  • President - Jim Banghart
  • Vice President - Elizabeth Smith
  • Secretary and Treasurer - Susy Mansfield and Patty Scholl
  • Board Members - Virginia Maurer and Evie Hammerman for terms ending 8/08
  • Bob Melzer for term ending 8/09
Susy Mansfield and Patty Scholl plan to share the position of Secretary (Susy) and Treasurer (Patty) per a clause in the TPCA by-laws that provides for the appointment of a clerk.
Following a unanimous vote for the slate, Eddie Ginsburg moved to ratify the actions taken by the Board of Directors since the last Annual Meeting, and it was so voted.
Under Other Business, Emily Carr spoke on behalf of residents concerned about the speed of traffic on Thorndike Pond Road, which is posted for 30 MPH. The Board will take this matter under advisement, and has since appointed a subĀ­committee headed by Paul Starrett who will work with local police to see what changes may be possible.
President-elect Jim Banghart paid tribute to retiring Board member Paul Starrett for his many and on-going contributions.
Adjourned at 11:50 to the Inn at Jaffrey Center for luncheon. Respectfully submitted, Susy Mansfield, Secretary/Treasurer