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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1986

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Hurlin’s Hanger, Jaffrey, N.H.
August 2, 1986
The 1986 annual meeting of the Thorndike Pond Conservation Association was called to order, during a thunderstorm, at 4:15 P.M. on August 2nd by President Dave Hurlin.
The minutes of the 1985 meeting and the Treasurer's report were distributed and approved. A "thank you" was extended to Ted Ernst for updating the map of Thorndike Pond showing land ownership. President Hurlin welcomed all new members.
An announcement was made concerning the recent oily film on the pond. The suspected origin was a tire fire in Belchertown, Mass. This was a temporary condition and harmless to the pond.
Dave Hurlin reported on the status of liability insurance relative to the dam. We, and other dam owners in the state, continue to be unable to obtain insurance coverage. Evidently, there currently are two suits (one against the state of N.H.) relative to dam cases.
The Stonewall Farm owners have requested that we notify them when we plan to lower Thorndike Pond. It is the obligation of the Officers and Directors to make sure that appropriate notification is given to Stonewall Farm.
In regard to lowering the level of the lake, the water will start down on October 10th and should be down to the maximum amount two to three weeks later. Merrill Hill reported that due to build-up in front of the dam, we are unable to lower the water level more than approxima­tely 32". At some point, we may have to have work done to allow for a greater drop. Anyone having a special request concerning the lowering of the lake should make a written report to the Directors.
There was also discussion relative to Officers' and Directors' insurance. 'Rather than going to this expense (if we could get it), it was proposed that we have all actions of the Officers and Directors reviewed and approved at each annual meeting. It was moved, seconded and passed, that the actions of the Officers and Directors of the T.P.C.A., during the past year, be approved by the membership.
Bernie Hampsey reported on our correspondence with the Jaffrey Department of Recreation which is responsible for the town beach. There have been concerns relative to power boats and their use of the beach area and violations concerning water skiers, speed and passing too close to swimmers and the shore. The Department of Recreation was responsive to our concerns. Bernie will act as our contact with the town on this matter. Clara Grant raised a question concerning the use of the lake for seaplanes by non-property owners. A pond that is over ten acres, in size, can be used by planes under current law. The Directors will research this further.
Ray Kruse reported relative to the water tests that we have done each year. All tests continue to show excellent water quality. Ray suggests that we drop the nitrate test as Chemsearch reports very low readings and little need for this test. We can save a considerable sum by dropping this test. The lake continues to fall well within the class A water requirements. Ray is trying to get the town to accept our test results rather than relying on one annual reading which can be very misleading.
Ray Kruse also presented the Nominating Committee Report. The following slate was presented and discussed:
  • President - Dave Hurlin
  • Vice President - David Murray
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Paul Starrett
  • Continuing Directors
-       Jo Benedek
-       Wally Rowlands
  • New Directors
-       Peter McGowan
-       Robert Banker
The nominations were seconded and the slate passed as presented. Appreciation was expressed to outgoing Directors Henry Shulte and Bernie Hampsey. Paul Starrett has requested that he be relieved as Secretary/Treasurer as soon as a replacement can be found. He is unable to devote the necessary time to this job. The Directors will try to find a replacement for Paul.
It was announced that Arnie Wile of Point Road has a raft for sale. Anyone interested should contact him directly.
It was moved, seconded and passed that dues be maintained at $35 for the next year. Those who have not paid should send their dues to:
Paul Starrett
83 Gilson Road
Jaffrey, New Hampshire 03452 '"
Mr. Tom Giblin requested and was given time to present information to the T.P.C.A. regarding the Monadnock Eastern Slope Association (M.E.S.A.). He also extended an invitation to all members of the T.P.C.A. to attend a potluck supper on Monday, August 11th, 5-8 P.M., at the Swanson home on Burpee Road. Any members wishing to join this organization should contact
Tom Giblin
Upper Jaffrey Road
Box #45
Dublin. New Hampshire
"Paul Starrett, in accordance with his request, has been replaced as secretary-treasurer. We are very grateful \ him for the services he has rendered the association Henry F. Schulte has replaced him. The new secretary-treasurer can be reached at the following addresses:
—        September 1 to May 15 --
8332 Vassar Drive
Manlius, N.Y. 13104
(315) 682 5303
—        May 15 to September 1 --
Box 106
Jaffrey Center, N.H. 03454      (603) 532 6111
Respectfully submitted, Paul Starrett, Secretary/Treasurer