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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1970

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Meeting House, Jaffrey, N.H.
August 1, 1970
There were forty-one present at the meeting.
Minutes of the previous annual meeting were approved as mailed by the Secretary to the Membership last Fall.
Treasurer's report was also mailed to the membership prior to the meeting and consisted of the following balances at July 8, 1970:
Operating Fund                                                        $100.37
Dam Fund                                                                 $278.53
Balances in the bank at July 8, 1970 consisted of the following:
Checking account                                                   $ 48.29
Savings account                                                      $330.6l
The Treasurer reviewed briefly the financial status of the Association as of August 1, 1970. The Association consists of 48 members. Outstanding dues and assessments at August 1, 1970 consisted of the following:
1969                                                                           $ 10.00
1970                                                                           $100.00
Dam assessments                                                   $7,875.00
The status of the dam assessment is as follows:
Family memberships paid in full                            $27
Family membership paid $100 - $300                 $16
Non-profit membership paid in full                         $ 1
Non-profit memberships paid in part                     $ 1
Profit memberships paid in part                             $ 1
The accumulated cost of the dam reconstruction program at August 1, 1970 was as follows:
Basic contract                                                           $17,582.67
Interest                                                                       $    941,13
Legal fees                                                                 $    216.00
The Treasurer advised the membership that due to an increase in operating expenses, it would be advisable to increase the dues to $15. a year, After some discussion it was moved and approved that the annual dues for the fiscal year 1970-1971 be established at $20.00.
The following officers and directors were nominated and elected:
  • President: Dr. H. Schofield
  • Vice President: F.W. Ryan
  • Secretary-Treasurer:T. L. Raleigh
  • Directors 2 years:
    • P. F. Brundage
    • F. T. Ernst
    • Directors with 1 year remaining on their term – F. Bosworth, R. Kruse
Dr, Schofield advised the members that water samples examined on July l8th, tested satisfactorily. Mr. Case from the State Board of Health examined the lake water and found minute quantities of unimportant substances. The odor from the lake could be due to temperature changes or it could be due to motor boats stirring up the bottom of the lake. The state recommends that lake property owners should not drink the lake water unless properly treated. They suggest a well 20' deep be dug for drinking water. The state will provide instructions for such a well, if requested.
The President informed the members he had appointed Mr. Ken Russell as Water Commissioner to study and report to the membership on all water problems. After a lengthy discussion on the size of motor boats and water skiing on the lake, it was moved and approved to turn the boating problem over to Ken Russell„ Ken will appoint two members to assist him on this project and will report back to the membership by the end of the summer.
Ted Ernst advised the members that, if the Association decided to limit the size of motor boats to 10 H P or less then his camp would be willing to give up water skiing.
It was moved and approved (1 no vote) the Board of Directors arrange through Mr., Torrey for the Town to replace the street sign on the corner of Thorndike Pond Road and Gilson Road. The street sign should be bolted to a metal post and anchored in concrete. When this has been accomplished all name signs should be removed from the tree.
Dr. Schofield reviewed the recent wave of breaking and entering of cottages. He reviewed certain safety equipment now on the market ranging in price from $100 to $4OO, It was suggested that a regular patrol by an off-duty policeman might help some. However, it is an individual problem and will not be supported by the entire membership. Some cottage owners hire individuals from the Town to check their property during the owner's absence or during the off-season. Ted Ernst offered the services of Merrill Hall as a patrolman for no more than ten cottages. However, any member interested in Merrill's service as a patrolman should contact Ted.
After a lengthy discussion, it was moved and approved (2 no votes and 2 abstentions) to lower the lake on Labor Day or the day after to whatever depth Miss Kloberg requires to clean up her beach area. The President charged Miss Kloberg to complete the cleanup work as quickly as possible this year.
Frank Bosworth reviewed the proposed recommendations regarding land use restrictions of owners of land abutting on Thorndike Pond in Jaffrey and Dublin, NH.  A copy of the Proposed Declaration of Restrictions was distributed and enthusiastically received by the members present. Mr. Bosworth advised the members he would be mailing them soon a copy of the Restrictions to all members with an accompanying explanatory letter, (A special meeting of the Association will be held at the home of Frank Bosworth on Saturday, September 5, 1970 between 10:00 AM and noon to approve in writing the land use restrictions and to hear a brief report from our Water Commission regarding the control of power boating).
Mr. Schofield and Ted Ernst commented at length on unfavorable conditions (camp­ing trailers, etc«) developing in the Town Beach area. Although no action was taken by the Association, it is something that should be watched before it develops into a serious problem.
Meeting adjourned - 11:50 A.M.
Respectfully submitted, F. W. Ryan Secretary/Treasurer