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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1969

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Meeting House, Jaffrey, N.H.
August 2, 1969
There were thirty-eight present at the meeting.
Minutes of the previous annual meeting were approved as mailed by the Secretary to the membership last fall.
Treasurer's report was also mailed to the membership prior to the meeting and consisted of the following balances at July 15, 1969:
Operating Fund                                                            $391.80
Dam Fund                                                                     $211.25
President Kruse reported that recent water samples did not test too good in certain areas. Additional tests will be made. If tests do not come up to standard then membership will be notified.
President Kruse thanked Mr. Torrey, Jaffrey Board of Selectmen, for arranging for the oiling of the road around the lake.
The following officers and directors were nominated and elected:
·         President: Dr. H. Schofield
·         Vice President: R. Hadley
·         Secretary-Treasurer:            F. W. Ryan
·         Directors for 2 years:
o   F. Bosworth
o   R. Kruse
Directors with 1 year remaining on their term – E. Kloberg, B. E. Sawyer
Ken Russell presented slides on the dam reconstruction project which showed very clearly the poor condition at the base of the dam, major cracks in the old dam, type of reconstruction and the effect on the surrounding area. After a lengthy discussion on the cost and financing of the dam, the following motions were made and approved.
The 1-3-5 ratio adopted in a prior year in assessing for the purchase of the dam and water rights should also be used in assessing members for the cost of reconstruction, ($400 for single cottage owners, $1,200 for non-profit institutions and $2,000 for profit making organizations).
The members should be assessed the full amount in 1969 with one-half due this year and the balance in 1970, or any member could pay the full assessment immediately.
If any member should have difficulty in meeting the above obligation, then the Board of Directors could make special arrangements.
Herb Grant commented on land use restrictions„ Turned problem over to Association lawyer who advised that progress in this area is nil at present time and suggested the zoning committee continue to work through the Jaffrey Planning Board. Some members were of the opinion the Board of Directors should draft something to be inserted in each members deed, To be taken up by the incoming Board who will draft a simple zoning proposal to be mailed to members for their consideration.
After a lengthy discussion, it was moved and approved to lower the lake 36" on October 7th.
It was also moved and approved the Board of Directors do the following:
Arrange through M. Torrey for the Town to put up appropriate street signs around the lake and thereby eliminate the necessity of members posting their name signs on trees.
Approach the local newspaper and Police Department with respect to racing of cars, firecrackers, and other disturbances around the lake.
Dr. Herbert Schofield proposed a note of thanks from the Association to Ray Kruse for all his work during the past two years as President of the Association.
Meeting adjourned - 1:00 P0M.
Respectfully submitted, F. W. Ryan Secretary/Treasurer