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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 2003

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Meeting Place, Jaffrey Center, N.H.
August 2, 2003
The 44th annual meeting of the Thorndike Pond Conservation Assoc., Inc. was called to order by Pres. Lee Bruder at 11:08 am. There were 49 members present representing 30 votes out of 72 members. Lee introduced the officers and board members and welcomed new members.
A motion to accept the minutes of the 2002 annual meeting was made, seconded and accepted by all.
A balance of $7,939.53 is left in the checking and savings accounts. The dues will remain at $60.00 for the 2003-2004 year. Please pay the dues as soon as possible after receiving the statement.   A motion was made to accept the Treasurer's report, seconded and accepted by all.
Lee expressed concerns about the potential for the pond becoming infested with milfoil and/or other exotic aquatic weeds. Excellent laminated picture booklets are available from the NH Lakes Association in Concord. To purchase one call Amy at 226-0299.
The pond draw down will be one board this year, staying with the pattern of 1-1-3, 2004 will be a 3 board draw down. The board will use their judgment as to the draw down date depending on water levels. If you have concerns, requests or feedback about the draw down, contact a board member.
Large amounts of empty bottles are being left at the public boat ramp. Lee asked members to call the police if they see anyone dumping bottles and cans. He also asked members to consider serving on the board next year and to contact a board member if they would like to serve.
Jo Benedek reported that weed growth has been minimal this year; most of the growth is near the outlets, which is normal. Owners should be responsible for cleaning their own beach fronts. She also stressed that people should not use any products containing phosphorus and NEVER use any fertilizer.
Bill Jackson reported the water testing results. The level of chlorophyll is higher than average, phosphorus levels are average for NH ponds and clarity of the water is above average. Thorndike Pond water continues to be much better than most NH lakes.
A motion was made for the members to approve, ratify and adopt all actions taken by the officers and directors of the association since the last meeting on August 3, 2002. Motion was seconded and accepted by all.
Lee reported on his conversations with both Town Manager, John Sistare and Highway Maintenance Supervisor, Rick Forcier regarding the condition of Thorndike Pond Rd. Because of the considerable expenses being used on Ingalls Rd. most of the highway budget has been used leaving little for the rest of the town roads. Lee said that some work may be done to level the paved part of Thorndike Pond Rd. He suggested that people write to the Mr. Forcier at the Highway Dept. with a copy to Mr. Sistare as well as a copy to Lee so that he can be aware of correspondence between the town and TPCA members. David Belletete pointed out that Gilson Rd. between Thorndike Pond Rd. and McCoy Rd. is often difficult to negotiate. Ann Schulte reported that Mr. Forcier is very responsive to calls regarding the need for grading. The point was also raised about the need for a decent road sign for Gilson Rd.
A motion was made by Don Strickland to pass the amendment to the by-laws as stated below:
A.         The Secretary-Treasurer shall cause to be created and maintained a separate
account in a federally insured institution to which shall be deposited all
contributions made to the Association other than payments for dues and for
other purposes as clearly restricted by the donor. Such contributions shall
include, but not be limited, to contributions deductible under the Federal

Internal Revenue Code due to the Association's status an organization described
in section 501(c)(3) of the Code, including stocks and other property.
B.         This separate account shall be referred to as "The Fund For Thorndike Pond"
("The Fund"). The funds in said account may be expended by the Association

from time to time for reasons consistent with the purpose of the Association as
stated in these by-laws, specifically: to preserve the harmony between man and

nature on and around Thorndike Pond; the maintenance of Thorndike Pond as a
desirable body of water; and the fostering of an aesthetic shoreline and
surrounding property on and around Thorndike Pond; subject to the following

conditions and restrictions:
•    An amount not to exceed $5,000 (five thousand dollars) in the aggregate may .be expended from The Fund in any one fiscal year at the discretion of and with the approval of, the Board of Directors. Any expenditure from The Fund in excess of $5,000 (five thousand dollars) in the aggregate in any one fiscal year shall require the approval and authorization of the Association membership at the annual Association meeting.
•    At each annual Association meeting, the President shall appoint an audit committee for The Fund consisting of 2(two) regular members, who shall serve in that role for one year until the next annual meeting, and whose responsibility shall be to remain apprised of the income and expenses of The Fund, and to report on the same at the annual meeting. The audit committee shall have access to all statements and other documents showing the status of the fund."
The motion was seconded and accepted by all.
Lee appointed Don Strickland and Bernie Hampsey as the Audit Committee for this year.
Contributions may be made at any time; if anyone would like to make a contribution with the dues, please include a separate check to the TPCA.
There was discussion on the Monadnock State Park campsites as it might impact on Thorndike Pond. Rep. Charles Royce was present to respond to questions. A motion was made to establish a committee to be appointed by the President to act as liaison between the TPCA and various individuals, groups and organizations involved with the project. The motion was seconded and approved by all.
Emily Carr expressed concern regarding the dangerous speed people are driving and that she and Wendy Webster are working toward getting the present speed limit of 35mph reduced to 25mph on Thorndike Pond Rd. and Gilson Rd. and posted.
Bill Jackson presented that slate to re-elect the present officers and directors and to re-elect Barry Steinberg and Don Austermann to new two year terms. The slate was seconded and approved by all.
  • President - Lee Bruder
  • Vice Pres. - Rod Mackenzie
  • Sec/Treas - Ginnie Wile
  • Directors - 1 yr. remaining
    • Bob Carr
    • Michelle Belletete
  • Directors - 2 yr. remaining
    • Don Austermann
    • Barry Steinberg
The meeting was adjourned at 12:25pm. Lunch by Catered Creations was served immediately after.

Respectfully submitted, Virginia Wile, Secretary