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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 2002

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Meeting Place, Jaffrey Center, N.H.
August 3, 2002


The 43rd. annual meeting of the Thorndike Pond Conservation Association was called to order by Pres. Don Strickland at 11:11 am.   There were 50 members present representing 31 votes out of 69 members.  Don introduced the officers and board members. He also welcomed and introduced new members, Jack & Michele Belletete, Don & Cyndy Burgess and Sandy Best.
The minutes of the 2001 annual meeting were approved.
A balance of $5,585.29 is left in both the checking and savings accounts, this balance is lower than usual because of the dam repair expenses last fall. Last year a recommenda­tion was made to increase the dues. A motion was made by D. Austermann to increase the annual dues from $50 to $60 effective with all dues statements issued after August 3, 2002. Motion was seconded and accepted by all. The treasurer also asked all members to PLEASE pay the dues as soon as possible after receiving the statement. The Treasurer's report was accepted by all.
Don Strickland described the dam repairs in detail, including a picture board; he also thanked Marie Jensen for her cooperation.
Bill Jackson presented the water quality report in detail. Bill cautioned the members not to over react to an unexpected high change in various levels, especially phosphorus level. He said we should take those in context of the long term reports. Bill said high chlorophyll levels will lead to algae growth and to be careful of using phosphates especially in fertilizers. He summarized the report by reassuring members that Thorndike Pond is in good shape. He also passed out a graph showing phosphorus levels over the past 10 years.
Don described the state sponsored Lake Host Program for which the TPCA has received a grant. He introduced the lake host who is on duty at the public boat ramp weekends to educate boaters regarding the severe milfoil danger and to inspect boats entering the pond for noxious weeds.
Don explained the 501C3 charitable status efforts for the TPCA. A motion was made by R. Mackenzie to authorize the officers and directors to use their discretion to file a request for charitable exemption status for the TPCA with the IRS and to take other incidental actions, including obtaining legal counsel if necessary. After questions and some discussion the motion was seconded and accepted by all.
Don reviewed the background of the annual debates over lowering the pond. L. Bruder presented a motion that the TPCA officers and directors be granted authority by the membership to determine the extent and duration of pond water lowering in the fall, provided that water lowering will not begin until October, with the understanding that members are encouraged to furnish any desired input on the water lowering question to the officers and directors. After considerable discussion including a review of the previous water lowering procedure of lowering one foot the first and second years and 3 feet in the third year, the motion was seconded and the membership passed the motion by a 16 to 15 vote.
The slate of officers was presented by Don for the nominating committee as:
  • President   - Lee Bruder
  • Vice Pres. - Rod Mackenzie
  • Sec/Treas. - Ginnie Wile
  • Director - 1 yr. remaining
    • Don Austermann
    • Barry Steinberg
  • Director – 2 years
    • Bob Carr
    • Michele Belletete

The slate was seconded and accepted by all.
Don also urged members to get involved and think about serving on the board.
Concerns were expressed on the condition of the roads around the pond. After some discussion the matter was referred to the new board to contact the towns of Jaffrey and Dublin.
A motion was made by B. Hampsey for the membership to approve, ratify and adopt all actions taken by the officers and directors of the association since the last meeting on August 4, 2001. Motion was seconded and accepted by all.
Meeting adjourned at 12:32pm. Lunch followed at The Inn at Jaffrey Center.
Respectfully submitted, Virginia Wile, Secretary