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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1966

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Melville Acadamy, Jaffrey, N.H.
August 6, 1966
There were forty six (46) present at the meeting.
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved without reading.
Treasurers Report was approved after some discussion. Balance on hand $1204.31.
President Russell reported that Samples of Pond Water had tested out O.K.
The President explained a proposed change in the election and terms of Directors. The Board is to consist of 7 persons 3 officers (President, Vice-President, Sec/Treas.) and 4 non officers of which two (2) would be elected each year to serve for 2 years. With staggered terms these should not be a complete turnover of Directors in any one year. The motion was made and adopted to make this change in electing Directors.
A motion to have the membership dues for 1966-67 be $10.00 was moved and voted.
A report of the Zoning Committee (Grant Kruse &. Russell) was given by Herb Grant.
He stated their first need was a map to definitive property lines and owners. Then to draw up a zoning program to encompass the best interests of all concerned. Property owners are to be talked with as soon as the committee has some concrete plans and proposals.
The following officers and Directors were elected:
  • President-Ken Russell
  • Vice President-Herb Grant 
  • Sec.-Treas.-George Traquair 
  • Directors (to serve 1 year)
    • Ed Bernstein
    • Ethel Kloberg
  • Directors (to serve for 2 years)
    • Ray Kruse
    • T.P. Whittemore.
President Russell spoke about the Dam and stated that the Directors had decided to engage a professional Engineer knowledgeable about Dams or Dam Knowledgeable to give us an unbiased professional appraisal of our Dam.
It was stated that the Dam would be lowered to the same level as last year and at about the same time as last year. Miss Kloberg requested that people wanting to look at the Dam to please check in at her office first.
Ted Ernst announced that all Association Members would be receiving an invitation to a Cocktail Party scheduled for September 4th.
Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted, George Traquair Secretary/Treasurer