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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

State Restrictions around Lakes

• Requires permit
• Size restrictions
o Greater than 75 feet of frontage, 6X30
o Less than 75 feet of frontage, 4X24
• Permanent docks allowed only when seasonal dock is “unable to provide secure dockage”
• Within 20 feet of property lines needs abutters approval
• Assessor structures (i.e. canopies and boat lifts) require approval
• Not-permitted
• Repairs to existing boathouse needs permits, strict requirements
• Requires permit
• Sand added only on shore, not in the water
• Sand replenished no more than once every 6 years
Trees and brush (woodland buffer)
• Within 50 feet of lake controlled by point system
• Less severe restrictions extend out to 150 feet from shore
• Limbing of branches limited to bottom half of tree within 50 feet of shoreline
• Small brush removal not permitted if less than 3 feet
Accessory Structures
• Waiver required if any of the following apply
o Greater than 150 square feet
o Taller than 20 feet
o Set on topology with greater than 25% slope
o Not allowed by local zoning
Dredging or Filling
• Requires permit
• Don’t see the conditions that would permit this on Thorndike Pond
• None within 25 feet of shoreline
• Slow release fertilizer only with 250 feet of shoreline
Soaps in the lake
• Not permitted, even bio-degradable
• Not illegal but not recommended