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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1985

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Home of M/M Karl Wallace, Jaffrey, N.H.
August 3, 1985
The 25th Annual Meeting of the Thorndike Pond Conservation Association was held Saturday, August 3, 1985 at the home of M/M Karl Wallace. Approximately 86 people attended. 
President Wallace welcomed everyone with a special greeting to our new members: M/M Robert Banker, M/M Phillip Harris, M/M Harold Parker and Monadnock Christian Conference Center
The minutes of the 1984 meeting were read and approved.
The Treasurer reported a balance of $797.74 in the checking account and $1,243.25 in the savings account.
Ray Kruse reported the water tests show excellent quality. Two people complained of eye problems after swimming. It was suggested this could be because of the pollen which has been heavy this year. Kruse will investigate this and will run clarity tests shortly.
Karl Wallace reported that some boards are wearing out at the dam and will be replaced. Otherwise, all is in good repair. Dave Hurlin reported that we are still unable to find a company to write a liability policy on the dam. He has a lead on one and hopes we will have insurance in the near future.
Ray Kruse, Nominating Chairman, proposed the following slate of officers:
·         President -Dave Hurlin
·         Vice-President - Dave Murray
·         Secretary /Treasurer - Paul Starrett
·         Directors
o   Bernard Hampsey and Henry Schulte to serve one more year
o   Jo Benedek and Walter Rowlands for a two year term.
It was accepted unanimously. Director Murray and Sec'y/Treas. Kruse were thanked for their past services.
Dues were set at $35.00. Please make payable to TPCA and remit to Treasurer Paul Starrett at 83 Gilson Road, Jaffrey 03452.
There has been a complaint from a non-member that the water level is too high. The new dam maintains the same water level as the dam it replaced. The membership voted unanimously to effect no change in the current water level. There has been a request to lower the level later in the fall. It was voted for this year to begin to lower the water the usual 32 inches about October 10 so that it would be down by the end of the month. This process will be reviewed next year.
Ted Ernst has been commissioned to update the map of the pond showing all property owners.
Unsafe practices such as water skiing too close to shore, swimming long distances unattended by a boat and high speeds on Gilson and Slade Roads. Now there is also a BWI law as well as DWI. Use caution yourself and warn your visitors.
Bob Chamberlain reported there are new State laws regarding changes in use of property. If ownership changes, additions are made or it becomes a rental property, the State may inspect to see that there is a proper septic system.
Meeting adjourned at 5:55 P.M. and was followed by a roast beef dinner catered by Monadnock Country Catering.
Respectfully submitted, Deborah D. Kruse. Past Secretary