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Thorndike Pond
Conservation Association

Annual Meeting - 1968

Minutes of Annual Meeting
Melville Acadamy, Jaffrey, N.H.
August 3, 1968
There were forty two present at the meeting.
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read by the Secretary.
Treasurer's report was approved after some discussion. Balance on hand consisted of the following:
Operating Fund                                            $477.69
Dam Fund                                                     $507.56
President Kruse reported that recent water samples tested perfectly. The President reviewed the status of our insurance coverage. After a discussion it was moved and approved to increase the coverage to $100,000 per person, $300,000 each accident and $100,000 property damage for an approximate additional cost of $42.
Various members of the Association and Mr. Torrey, Jaffrey Board of Selectmen commented on road conditions around the lake. Several members were of the opinion that the road should be salted or oiled to keep the dust down. No action taken by the Association, but left with Mr. Torrey that something should be done in 1969.
The following officers and directors were elected:
·         President: R. Kruse
·         Vice President: Dr. H. Schofield
·         Secretary-Treasurer: F. W. Ryan
·         Directors 2 years:
o   Ethel Kloberg
o   Bayard E. Sawyer
Directors with 1 year remaining on their term: K. Russell, T. E. Whittemore.
Ted Ernst announced that the Elaine property will be broken up into lots and the membership will be given the first opportunity to buy. The remaining Elaine property referred to as the Woodbury Hill tract has been donated to the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.
Herb Grant presented a detail report on land use restrictions. After a lengthy discussion it was moved and approved to do the following: Appoint a permanent zoning committee consisting of:
  • Herb Grant, Chairman
  • Ken Russell
  • Ray Kruse
The President will also be a fourth member of the committee. It was also suggested the committee work through the Jaffrey Planning Board on initiating area land - use restrictions.
The President commented at length on the condition of the dam, such as leaks in the dam, type of construction, effect on surrounding area and costs and financing. After a lengthy discussion, it was moved and approved to leave the final decision on the reconstruction and financing of the dam to the officers and directors, such reconstruction to be contracted and completed as soon as feasible.
Moved and voted the following dues and assessments for 1968 - 1969:
Dues                                      $10.00
Dam assessment                 $15.00
Meeting adjourned - 12:15
Respectfully submitted, F. W. Ryan Secretary/Treasurer