Thorndike Pond Conservation Association

Weed Watcher Report 2018


The weed watching program is set up to work in conjunction with the lake host program.  The lake hosts do an excellent job of keeping exotic invasive plants and animals out of Thorndike Pond.  The weed watchers survey the entire shoreline of the pond on a regular basis in an effort to quickly identify any invasive species that might appear.  The members of the weed watcher team are Jim Banghart, Evie Hammerman, Pat Scholl, Roberta Schnoor, David and Alisa Nash, and Jim Potter.  Each member of the team has an assigned area of the shoreline to monitor and is expected to patrol that area at least once a month.  The team is in need of one more volunteer to be assigned to a section on the northwest shoreline.  Please consider joining this worthwhile project and reach out to me if interested.


The good news is that the team has not identified any evidence of invasive aquatic species in Thorndike Pond.  Our observations did, however, identify some changes from previous years of likely minimal significance.  There has been somewhat more prolific growth of some native plants including Watershield and Bladderwort.  The Watershield is particularly evident around the inlets to the pond.  Bladderwort, being a free-floating plant, tends to drift with the wind from west to east, washing up on the eastern shoreline or wrapping around rooted plants or docks.  Other native plants including Pickerel Weed, Bur-reed, Yellow Water Lillies, and some Cattails and small amounts of native milfoil are present in similar quantities around the shoreline.  As usual, the greatest amount of plant growth is noted in the vicinity of the boat launching ramp, which is also where we are at greatest risk of invasive species getting started.


Respectfully submitted,

Jim Potter